Cupid SystemEdit

Let Cupid, The God of Love

match you up with the man or woman of your dreams using our unique matchmaking system!

  • Matching system to pair you up with a man or woman based on your needs!
  • 2x experience bonus for questing as a couple!
  • Nurture flowers with a Soul Mate and use petals for special accessories!
  • Unique rewards that can only be acquired through the Cupid System!
  • And much, much, more!

Matchmaking SystemEdit

The greatest experiences a person can have should be shared with someone

they care about! Cupid will help you find friendship and love 3 times a


A quick questionnaire will set you on your path in finding a Soul Mate.

Experience Lucent Heart's matchmaking and enjoy the rewards of being a


Bonus ExperienceEdit

Once you’ve been paired with a Soul Mate, you can team up and quest

together earning double experience with Sweet Points. This system

encourages couples to spend time with each other and earn bonuses and

rewards for sticking together!

Petals of LoveEdit

Strengthen your relationship bond by sharing in the creation of something

as a couple. Grow a flower with your Soul Mate and collect its petals

to redeem special accessories that can be worn as hair garlands and

barrettes for the female!

Unique RewardsEdit

Participating in daily quizzes to test your compatibility with your

soul-mate will award tokens of love. They can be exchanged for special

gifts that cannot be received any other way!

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