Daily Fortune Edit

Daily Fortune: Each time you log into Lucent Heart and select a character on your

character selection screen his or her Daily Fortune will be displayed in the bottom

right hand corner of the screen. Your Fortune is directly related to your character’s

Zodiac Sign and it will change on a daily basis. Your Daily Fortune is split into five

types, Love, Battle, Work, Wealth, and Agility.

Love FortuneEdit

This Fortune relates to how successful you will be in

finding love. If your Love Fortune is high, it might be a good idea

to find Cupid and participate in his matchmaking system!

Battle FortuneEdit

This Fortune increases your accuracy and your chance

to cause a critical hit against your enemy. A high Battle Fortune means

putting the hurt on the Dark Goddess Cadena's minions will be that much


Work FortuneEdit

Your Work Fortune increases your chance to successfully

craft an item. In addition to that, your Work Fortune also increases

your chance to craft armor or weapons of a higher item quality.

Wealth FortuneEdit

Wealth Fortune increases your chances of receiving rare

items from monsters or chest. With a high Wealth Fortune it may be in

your best interest to gather up a group and traverse regular or star

core dungeons together.

Agility FortuneEdit

Your Agility Fortune increases your chance to dodge

regular and critical hits in combat. A high daily Agility Fortune means

you will be much more difficult to land attacks against and even those

that get through will be less likely to cause severe damage making

adventuring for the day less dangerous.

Stars Edit

A full Star represents two points in that area of your fortune.

Each Fortune can have a maximum of Five Stars, or ten points, and a

minimum of half a Star which equals one point. The number of Stars or

points determines how potent of a bonus you will receive for that area

of your Fortune.

Always a good thing!Edit

The bonuses provided from your Daily Fortune will always be beneficial

and will never have a negative impact on your character throughout your

gaming experience. This means you will only see increases to the

different areas covered in your Fortunes, never a decrease. Think of

your Daily Fortune as just another reason you enjoy being a Libra!

(Or Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Virgo..) You can see your bonus by hovering

your mouse over the stars beside the bonus type that you are interested in.

Improving your Fortune and making friends!Edit

If you are suffering from a less than favorable Daily Fortune you aren’t

completely out of luck! If you have your heart set on finding better

items from chest and mobs, crafting a rare weapon, or battling the evil

forces of the Dark Goddess Cadena but your Fortune is not providing that

big of a bonus for the day you can find someone to help sway Fortune in

your favor.

A Scorpio who is feeling down on his luck with Wealth might find it in

his best interest to team up with a Libra who will increase his Wealth

Fortune for that day by an entire Star. That same Libra might be having

trouble focusing on his work so enlisting the aid of a Sagittarius will

help him stay grounded long enough to finish crafting a weapon because

of an increased Work Fortune. The Sagittarius, so impressed with the

Libra’s work, decides to purchase the sword to put it to good use but

his Battle Fortune for the day is low, so after searching he finds a

Virgo to team up. Each day brings a new Fortune and new combination of

Zodiac Signs to boost your Fortunes and with that comes the opportunity

to meet new people.

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